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LUKAS HANULAK is a Slovak-born film and TV show director/producer
who immigrated to Canada in 2019 with his wife and three kids. Since 2020 he has been a member of the Director's Guild of Canada. He is represented by Vancouver-based talent agency INTEGRAL ARTISTS. 

With a degree in Film Direction, he started his career with the award-winning short film THE FATHER (2009). During the years 2009-2021, he directed a dozen crime/drama series for major broadcasters in the Czech Republic and Slovakia including a successful TV show LADY & KING (the most-watched TV show in the Czech Republic in 2018/19). Until today he directed 30+ episodes and with more than a decade of experience, he developed the ability to create unique story interpretations while exploring different visual styles & film genres.
In 2022 he produced and directed his first Canadian project - a short film drama EMPTY SPACES. His upcoming project is a feature film drama TISO set in WW2 - a story about a former Slovak fascist leader and catholic priest Jozef Tiso. He is also developing a TV series MASON that examines the struggles faced in a North American low-income public school through the conflicting perspectives of its unique students, staff, and parents. 

His projects interests include character-driven dramas, coming-of-age stories, and interactive movies. 

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